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DDK - Groupe EJKK
DDK - Groupe EJKK

Welcome to Group EJKK-DDK Logistics
and Services

Group EJKK-DDK Logistics and Services is a well established company, created in 2005. Initially the company operated as a chemical laboratory, facilitating the growing hand-picking mines operations in the region to analyze and optimize the mineral content of various mix of soil submitted to his lab.

However, due to the changing business trends in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the growth of the company Group EJKK-DDK Logistics and Services, we are now involved in the goods supply, maintenance services, modification and renovation projects in different mining plants. The supply ranges from lab chemicals via plant regents to plant equipments, mechanical spare parts and a wide variety of products, to meet the needs of our customers and the mining industry in general. We have a very good and skillful staff member’s team from diversified background covering all sectors of the mining industry. This array includes chemical, metallurgical mechanical engineers, geologist and technicians all organized by a high class management to bring revolutionary understanding of the Mining industries.

Group EJKK-DDK Logistics and Services is also a leading transport logistics and mobility group providing end-to-end supply chain solutions, fleet management and dealership services to a diversified local customer base.